12 tips for the proper use of contact lenses


12 tips for the proper use of contact lenses

Be careful in using contact lenses correctly. These are the essential rules to follow so to avoid contracting ocular infections.


1. Wash hands thoroughly and dry them well before applying or removing contact lenses.lente_a_contatto-applicazione.jpg

2. Store lenses in an appropriate liquid (non-saline) if daily lenses are not used.

3. Never use tap water to rinse or store lenses and never apply saliva.

4. Don’t sleep with contact lenses in.

5. Remove the lenses at the first sign of discomfort (a sensation of a foreign body and/or redness), remembering to bring along a pair of spare glasses, especially if you drive. In the case of a dry-eye sensation, artificial tears can be used. The ocular dryness could be a contraindication that warns against the use of contact lenses.

6. Change the lens container every 3-6 months. lente_a_contatto_sic_et_simpliciter.jpg

7. Never exchange the cosmetic lenses with other people, especially not the graduated ones, in order to avoid a possible contagion of infections.

8. Smoking, alcohol and drug use alter the perception of discomfort arising from the use of contact lenses: Avoid these substances, a healthy lifestyle is essential.

9. Do not bathe (even in the sea or a swimming pool) or have a shower while wearing contact lenses. If, however, this occurs (even when using goggles or a mask), they must be immediately removed after bathing and thrown away.

10. Use plenty of artificial tears without preservatives, especially when under the sun, avoid the eye becoming dry, as the cornea could be damaged.

11. Never ignore the possibility that ocular irritations or infections may be associated with an incorrect use of contact lenses. Before choosing to use them it is recommended that an eye examination is performed. A specialist should also be consulted periodically during their use.

12. Don’t use contact lenses for too long a time, generally for no more than 6-8 hours.